Declaration of Intent

2020 - 2021 School Year

Important Information

The Declaration of Intent is now closed to finalize schedules for students. Please contact your child’s school for 2020/21 to discuss instructional delivery options.

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Reopening Information

Dear Hillsborough Families,

In an effort to effectively plan for the upcoming 2020-21 school year, we are seeking your input to determine the enrollment preference for your child. WE understand the angst that COVID-19 has caused within our community, and we want each family to feel comfortable with the learning pathway selected for the upcoming year.

As we move forward with establishing a new normal, the safety and well-being of our students and staff will be the top priority as we navigate a safe return to providing a quality education for every student.

At this time, we are asking each parent to identify an option below that serves as the best pathway under the current circumstances. This "declaration" will help us to better prepare for school opening in August, and most importantly better manage teacher assignments for each instructional model. The district must plan for a full semester of enrollment in the traditional model and the full-time eLearning system, so please carefully consider the choice you make and how it fits best with your family over a four-month period. The 18-week commitment, absent any extenuating circumstances, will provide the necessary stability and maximum learning potential for our students, as well as ensure continuity of teacher assignment.

2020-2021 Learning Options
Option A - Full-time Return to School

Students will report to their assigned school full-time and return to traditional face-to-face instruction with increased health and safety measures in place to include the following:

  • each student will be issued three, reusable face masks
  • increased cleaning of frequently touched surfaces
  • increased number of hand sanitation stations at entrances and common areas
  • increased social distancing where possible
  • controlled movement where possible
  • limited mass gatherings and field trips
Option B - Full-time School-Based eLearning

Students will participate in a full-time eLearning program that originates from the assigned school. Students will not physically attend the school but will participate in a school-based distance learning program from home. eLearning will include a variety of delivery resources, such as multi-media rich courses, live instruction, and a daily schedule for students to submit assignments, activities, and assessments. This option will require that the household has internet access.

The school-based eLearning program will be taught and facilitated by certified teachers assigned to the home school. Instruction is delivered through the district's new Learning Management System – Canvas. This more robust system will replace Edsby that was used during the school shutdown this past year. Students are expected to participate daily for attendance, adhering to a schedule that resembles traditional school hours. Students will follow the classroom schedule and log in for daily attendance. The school-based eLearning program will mirror the content, rigor, and daily expectations as if participating in classes on campus. Parents are expected to oversee their children’s participation and provide guidance in completing assignments and seeking teacher feedback. It is important that families choosing this option consider its impact on the family over a four-month period of instruction. The learner will be committing to 18-weeks, absent any extenuating circumstances, during which time they will have limited access to enter school grounds for any elective, co-curricular coursework during school hours. Students will be allowed to participate in after-school activities such as clubs and athletics.

Please note that certain courses may not be available in the eLearning program. In addition, magnet/choice programs do not lend themselves well to an eLearning format. If you are currently in a magnet/choice program, dependent upon the specific program, participation in the traditional face-to-face setting is strongly encouraged.

Option C - Hillsborough Virtual K-12

Hillsborough Virtual K-12 is an independent, fully accredited, and flexible public school option in the HCPS system.  Unlike a traditional classroom or eLearning model, the curriculum and content are designed specifically for a true, virtual format and front-loaded at the beginning of the course. It is available 24/7 online, for which students create a daily work schedule to ensure completion of coursework in a regular semester timeframe. There are specific timelines for assigned work to be turned in that acts in part as an “attendance” record, giving the teacher an opportunity to monitor progress and mastery of content. The parent serves as the learning coach for their child. As the learning coach, parents will support their child by helping maintain pace with the course content and reviewing assignment feedback from their teachers. Hillsborough Virtual K-12 is exclusively an online platform designed to provide students with the flexibility necessary to support family schedules and parent coaching. As always, students enrolled in Hillsborough Virtual K-12 have the option to participate in athletics and extracurricular activities at their zoned school. This option requires that the household has internet access and a personal computer.

The application period for HVK-12 has closed.
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